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Monday, January 21, 2008

Photograph - Innocence


gba said...

hi..did u use a lensbaby or PS later edit?



andrewfphoto said...

This is my image - please credit it to me or remove it immediately.


sparsh_agrawal said...

holi fish!!!
This pic is amazing man!!!
Actually i wonder who is this pretty gal......can you please tell me and gimme some of her pics ........i may use her in my documentary movie..............

jesus said...

such a cute picture of this girl..
looks like she has the power to calm everyone just by lookin at that face

she is so precious!makes me want to give her a big hug!

Adrian din Arad (Adrian Rotar) said...

I would like to use the photo in an article about innocence. If there is any issue about copyright please let me know. Thank you.